Our team has redesigned an old apartment building by combining and transforming two apartments into a duplex apartment. We have gotten a sense of space, flow, and layout possibilities and navigated building requirements. Then we have created a vision for unifying multiple entry points and living spaces in one modern open plan. 

Combining space on more than one floor regularly underestimate the amount of room that a stairway will take up, therefore we have ensured that we can connect floors without compromising the living spaces on either floor. 

After major structural decisions, we also needed to account for other renovation needs specific to the combination, like aligning fixtures and finishes between the apartments such as door frames, window casements, decorative molding, etc) and handling any heating and cooling systems. Coherent lighting and flooring were used to unify, as flow is crucial.

With the use of neutral colors in addition to two vibrant colors; gold and lime green; as it was designed to perfectly match the owners’ personalities, we have delivered comfort and functionality. The lighting elements of the resident were made to give the sense of softness and luxury as they hang through the staircase and night living zones providing both intimate and social atmospheres.