Located at the Nashashibi building in the heart of Jerusalem, this spacious rooftop apartment was designed by Ahmad Muezz. It benefits from spectacular views overlooking Jerusalem. While designing this spectacular space the intention was to balance between the classic and modern architecture to meet up with the luxurious lifestyle of the client. The calm colors, patterns and textures define the character of this apartment. The open design here allows the color scheme from the kitchen– beige with pops of red – to spill over into the living room, making the whole space feel unified. Natural materials, light textiles, utilitarian forms, and sharp angles come together to define a varied yet cohesive character within this stylish apartment. The dramatic, black reflective floor makes the apartment look larger yet gives it an elegant feel. Red was used as an accent color as to add drama, passion and warmth. It’s not a color for the faint of heart, but when thoughtfully used it can make a space come alive.