T rendesign was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the new line of furniture – Archifur – from the Jerusalembased architecture and interior design firm, Bina Engineering. The new range encompasses three separate lines, entitled Twist of Colour, Into Fashion and Nostalgia. Bina Engineering has designed tables, chairs and dining tables for this range, and hopes to add sofas and full sitting room accessories next year. Archifur is the first modern furniture line that is actually designed and produced in Palestine. Ahmad Muezz, founder of Bina, says the new range has been designed with the aim of livening up the usual neutral tones of a typical Arabic household in mind. Twist of Colour is themed around five very striking colours - lime, hot pink, purple, orange and turquoise. Into Fashion is based on black and champagne gold hues, while Nostalgia is all about patterns. “We designed some patterns that were based on poetry,” says Ahmad. “This line reflects our real colours. I always have this feeling that the Arab community is kind of afraid of colours, so this line will add a twist to dull spaces. This line gives a variety of shapes ranging from organic lines to sharp and modern lines.” The name Archifur is derived from “architectural furniture”, and shows Bina’s strong architectural perspective on furniture. “The curves add a sexy feel, while the sharp lines are very masculine and practical,” says Ahmad. “Archifur reflects colourfulness, sexuality, practicality and vitality.” In this vein, many of the pieces can be used in different ways which reflect practicality and vitality. All the items are made from painted wood, providing an extra high quality .