When architect and designer Ahmad Muezz of Bina Engineering was commissioned to redesign the guest rooms at the old Pilgrims Palace Hotel near the old city of Jerusalem, and transform it into the new Golden Walls Hotel, he had his work cut out. “The location of the hotel is unique but it never had a specific style,” says Ahmad. “It had been renovated partially several times so it had lost its original identity.” The rooms in the hotel were decorated in bland oranges and browns, with basic furniture and an overall lack of style. Financing was another obstacle to overcome. “We were selected to redesign the bedrooms and that was really challenging due to the low budget,” says Ahmad. “We tried to invent an identity and at the same time to keep the design simple, comfortable and acceptable for most of the visitors.”

Ahmad achieved this by using a base of champagne gold leather and mixing it with dark shades of purple as a background. He then added a light chocolate colour and dark brown to the walls, furniture and wallpaper to give a feeling of warmth and cosiness. “Later on we added some purple hidden lights to add a sexy twist when needed,” he adds. The final result is a luxurious, modern design which shows a good balance between the feminine finishes and fabrics and the masculine sharp objects of the interior décor. Bina Engineering was established in 2008 in Jerusalem focusing on residential prjects. Within a short time, the company had expanded its work to include commercial, cultural and educational design projects in addition to renovation projects. Bina Engineering specialises in bringing life into spaces regardless of budget size. VIP clients have included the former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and Bina Engineering has also collaborated with several international design houses.

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