“We look at trends and try and stay one-step ahead so our work has longevity”

This timeless bar design situated in the heart of the city is mostly based on decorative lighting, as it played a major role in bringing out the shape of objects, the “feel” of texture, and important keynotes. Lighting was used to create a dramatic affect on the mood and atmosphere of the space. Different types of lighting as well as different lighting levels were introduced into the room. Dimmers were ideal as to ensure that lighting can be raised or lowered depending on the task at hand. The color purple was chosen as a smart and trendy solution, especially because of its ability to generate a unique and modern ambience and to create the blend of sophistication, playfulness and personality.  Not forgetting the unique aquarium bar, which is a great addition to any space. The aquarium was placed unlighted under the bar, as it adds a little exotic flair and an element of surprise, while still maintaining the elegance of the space.

Transparent furniture and translucent materials were used to complete this design.